Didn’t plan to post this until next week, but we’re too excited about this blog—and the trip—to wait. (So much to do. So much to do.)

SXSW is the biggest meet-and-greet for musicians and industry people around. Rock, country, hip-hop, electronica, etc. Berklee held its first showcase at SXSW in 2006—and our presence there keeps growing. This year… 

we’re sending student record label execs, publicists, booking agents, journalists… and, of course, performers.

Along with the official Berklee party on Friday, they’ll be following bands, learning how to run careers in music, making their voices heard in the crush, schmoozing, and eating free tacos in the sun. Wish you were here!

As for me, I’m a writer/editor in the Berklee Communications Department, and a freelance journalist. Fourth time at SXSW, second without an official badge or wristband. I’ll probably keep my posts to a minimum… the students are more fun. Definitely plan to check out a bunch of alumni bands, though.

See you in Austin!


p.s. I was tempted to tag this post “Pitchfork” so the e-mag might pick up this blog. What do you think? Ain’t too proud to beg.