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Finally, some downtime.  I just got back from my last day of panels and parties, and am trying to get some packing done before I head out again for the night.   Here’s a brief  recap of the last day and a half.

Yesterday’s Berklee party was a great success; a fantastic and eclectic line-up, and a well attended showcase for the student and alumni bands.  It was also a nice chance to meet up with the various Berklee contingents at work here at SXSW: Heavy Rotation Records, , Cafe 939, and a variety of musicians, promoters, and writers from the college.  Pictures coming soon!

I was up early for panels again today; the first was a talk on Music Across Multi-Media Platforms, hosted by the Continuing Legal Education program, which struck me as the antithesis of the Terry McBride lecture at Berklee last month.  McBride spoke enthusiastically about the opportunities free music distribution affords new artists; this panel of legal experts, and their audience, were mainly concerned with how to preserve their clients rights (and paychecks) within that changing landscape.  Interesting points on both sides, though I definitely side more with McBride here, ideologically.

The second panel was right up my alley: Fan Based Marketing, a panel about growing your fan base through social networking, email marketing, street teams, and other methods.  The general consensus?  Everyone should be on Twitter (but, then, we already knew that.)    Also, a lot of similar points were  raised that were also brought up in Thursday’s panel on bloggers – about building genuine, trust-based relationships with fans/readers (so that they can bring you more.)

In between, I checked out the MPress records party, featuring Berklee alums Melissa Ferrick and Sarah Borges.  I’m off now for my last night – and with a 7 a.m. flight I’m still debating whether to make it an early one or just stay up until I have to leave for the airport.  Eh, who needs sleep?


Berklee SXSW Party


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  1. … and everyone should figure out how to enable Twitter from their phone. Drat at today’s phone tweets not going through.

    I tweeted, by the way, that I unintentionally ended up at that MPress party. Missed Magen, though! Ships passing in the night.

  2. Magen

    Yeah, I wasn’t getting most of my phone updates the whole time I was down there. Maybe that’s what happens with so many people tweeting in one place? Sorry I missed you at Soho!

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