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The Red Room at Cafe 939 Seeking Bands at SXSW

Hi all, I’m Shawn Wolfgang and I’m the assistant manager and a talent buyer for Berklee’s The Red Room at Cafe 939. Jackie Indrisano (Venue Manager/Talent Buyer) and I are down here scouting bands that we think would be a great fit in the venue and meeting the people in the industry we talk on the phone and email with on a regular basis.  It’s cool to see that a large number of the Berklee bands that Danielle mentioned have played at The Red Room at Cafe 939 and we’ve even seen about a dozen or so other bands that are showcasing down here that have already graced our stage. The number of performers are so overwhelming that I keep making and remaking schedules of who I want to see. I think Jackie and I may split up and tackle some different shows today/tonight. My focus is more singer/songwriter, folk, indie bands and she is going for the ROCK! If you have any suggestions/guidance for bands you think would be great to check out/have at Cafe 939 feel free to leave them in the comments. I’ll try and update tonight, but you can also follow me on twitter at


Berklee Bands at SXSW (Add Yours)



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  1. Hi Shawn,
    I guess I am a little late for responding to this post. My name is Robyn and I front a space rock
    band out of Chicago called the Lavellas. We would really like to get down to SXSW in 2010 and I was
    wondering if you had any suggestions or advice on managers you think may have an interestin our
    sound of music. If you had to read this, please feel free to email me back at Any
    comments are greatly appreciated and we hear that SXSW is a really good festival to attend. Many
    thanks and cheers, Rob

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