Humanitarian of the Year Award: Curtis Warner

This past week, Curtis Warner, Associate Vice President of Education Outreach and Executive Director of Berklee City Music won the Boston Music Award’s Humanitarian of the Year Award. Here is a quote from Curtis about his experience:

“A few weeks ago I received a call notifying me that I was going to be awarded a Boston Music Award for community leadership. I was flattered. Last night, however, when I learned that the award was actually for “Humanitarian of the Year,” I was humbled. I was blown away by the instant celebrity status as cameras followed me all around; even the staff was gracious and I’m still seeing spots from all the flashing lights! As I mentioned in my remarks that evening, when I think of the great humanitarians of our day, I have never considered myself to be of those ranks, but instead, just very blessed to earn a living helping young folks through music.” It’s amazing that an event that is typically framed in a perception of hype and glitter, took time to demonstrate the depth of their commitment not only to music but to humanity in general.”

Video of Curtis Accepting the Award

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