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 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Move to NYC – Gyaan from an Indian in the Big Apple

“Gyaan:” Sanskrit word, roughly translated as “knowledge.” Used colloquially for “Street-Smarts.” 

Shilpa Ananth, Berklee Alumna ’13

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Berklee y La Paz en America Latina

—“!Te ganaste una beca Otto, Te vas a Berklee Latino hermano!”, decían varios amigos cuando llegué a la U. en mi primer día de clases de este semestre.
—¿Berklee, a Boston??
—“pues… Berklee, Berklee… como tal.. No, es Berklee Latino; pero es toda una semana y…”
—Mmmm… genial

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Berklee Indian Ensemble: Have you met Anton?

Students from all over the world come together to learn, understand, and perform Indian music, which is what makes the Berklee Indian Ensemble so unique. AThe ensemble creates an opportunity for students to learn from each other and to create and explore Indian music; giving them the opportunity to make Indian music globally relevant. Anton Ariki Sten, is a Berklee student studying composition and electronic production and design at Berklee, and our resident guitarist. This week I sat down with Anton to learn more about him:

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Divas Latinas by Kárenly Nieves



Karenly NievesKárenly Nieves is a singer, writer and food and lifestyle blogger who was born and raised in Hormigueros/Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. She was the winner of the “Outstanding Vocalist Award” in the Berklee in Puerto Rico program in 2012 and is currently at Berklee College of Music focusing on achieving a bachelor’s degree in Music Business/Marketing. Now, on her fifth semester at Berklee, Kárenly works as a Spanish tutor and intern for LP’s Congahead Studios. She has been blessed to perform with bands such as the Migrant Motel, 427 Flavah Factory, the Ibetnia project, Latimbop, Amy Black and be part of Berklee ensembles such as the Indian Ensemble and the Recording Ensemble with Gabriel Goodman.

Shakira is an artist that we can all describe as unique. She has a singular voice and movements on stage that none of us can do with such confidence and passion. She is just one of the divas that we grew up with and admire while trying to imitate her hip movements. I couldn’t stop watching Thalía’s soap operas or music videos when I was a little girl. She was one of my inspirations. They all sparked something in me, a desire for singing with my heart and giving my all in every performance. Obviously, that was a dream.

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Berklee Latino: Un Nuevo Panorama de Posibilidades

Rodolfo Gug nos cuenta sobre su experiencia en VocalizeU y como Berklee Latino le ayudo a cantor en el showcase final.

Hola a todos! Es un honor escribir para este blog. Mi nombre es Rodolfo Gug. Vivo en la ciudad de México, tengo 24 años y soy alumno del programa Berklee latino.

Atendí a Berklee latino en Enero del 2014 y puedo decir que fue una experiencia única y enriquecedora. Tuve clase con Sofía Rei quien me abrió un panorama de posibilidades en lo que respecta al técnica de canto, scatt e improvisación que pronto implementaría en mi estudio. En general, los maestros fueron muy abiertos y disponibles para darnos su perspectiva sobre nuestro trabajo. Entre ellos se encontraba: Javier Limón, Tim Mayer, Claudio Ragazzi, Sofía Rei, Mark Walker and Oscar Stagnaro.

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