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Where are they now. . . find out how Berklee grads make their way in the music world.

My Afternoon in a Tree House with John Mayer

John Mayer and Callie Sullivan

Image by Kelly Davidson

Musician/songwriter John Mayer stopped by Berklee on June 16, 2017, to workshop songs from six students in front of a 500-strong crowd. One of those songwriting students, Callie Sullivan, shares her experience below.

By Callie Sullivan B.M. ’17

One month ago I was crossing the stage at Agganis Arena. I collected my diploma, shook hands with Berklee President Roger H. Brown, snapped a selfie with Todd Rundgren and Lionel Richie, and was on my way to start the rest of my life. The very next morning I said my goodbyes and left Boston for what I thought would be forever. Little did I know that while I was unpacking my things in my new Nashville, Tennessee, home, I’d get an email from Pat Pattison asking if I’d be willing to come back to play a show with John Mayer. Without even fully processing it all, I had a flight back to Boston.

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The Game Is about the People: Three Things I Learned from Richard Ludlow

Richard Ludlow B.M. '14

Richard Ludlow B.M. ’14

Richard Ludlow B.M. ’14 is a peer and someone I really admire. A fellow Berklee grad who started his own company, Hexany Audio, Richard is an incredibly talented game audio designer. I have spent some time with him and the Hexany Audio group and they are poised to take over the gaming audio world. We spoke about the Berklee experience (particularly through his film scoring major), how to make it, and networking.

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Using the Force: Three Things I Learned from Music Editor Joseph Bonn

Music Editor Joseph Bonn

Music Editor Joseph Bonn

Joseph Bonn is one of the best music editors on the planet. He’s worked on such Hollywood blockbusters as Godzilla, X-Men Apocalypse, and Prometheus. He is currently the music editor on a little flick called Star Wars: The Last Jedi.*

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Inspiration Abounds on the 2017 Nashville Trip

By Abby Anastasio

Nashville skylineWhen the students going on the 2017 Berklee Nashville Trip boarded the bus in Boston, none of us anticipated that our 25-hour journey would include a breakdown and subsequent pit stop at a secluded Waffle House franchise in the small town of Lexington, VA. Even more surprised than all of us were the employees at that location, who were given no warning that 120 hungry, tired college students were about to touch down and make their day interesting. Within minutes, the tiny restaurant filled with deafening chatter, one student had queued up “All Star” by Smash Mouth on the jukebox, and the hashbrowns were flying from the first order until the bus was finally fixed. As funny as it is to look back on all of us invading that Waffle House, the week in Nashville that followed was far less stressfully spontaneous. Having gone on the trip the year prior, I had a vague idea of what I was getting into, but this trip proved to be a very fresh experience in many ways.

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Digging for Fire: Three Things I Learned from Speaking to Christian Jacobs

Christian Jacobs

Christian Jacobs

Christian Jacobs is one of the masterminds behind AquaBats! and the massive hit kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba! His music brings a lot of joy to people all over the world and yet he is constantly asking himself to keep trying to be better. I recently had the chance to sit down with Christian and talk about everything from his background to his process.

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