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Where are they now. . . find out how Berklee grads make their way in the music world.

Two-Five-One: Joo Won Park


Joo Won Park ( graduated in 2001 as a dual major of Music Synthesis and Contemporary Writing & Production. He is now working as a Visiting Assistant Professor of computer music at the Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio.  Joo Won is also a performing electronic musician.

Name: Joo Won Park
Major(s): Music Synthesis, Contemporary Writing & Production
Hometown: Seoul, Korea
Current City: Oberlin, OHJooWonBW

How does your degree play a role in your current career path?

I am currently teaching computer music at the Oberlin Conservatory. Many teaching jobs at the universities require that you have Master’s degree or higher. Berklee has given me right training and experience to pursue masters and PhD in music.  I also have been in contact with my Berklee professors for 12 years. They have helped and supported my through my graduate school years and beyond as a mentor and role model.

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Nashville Berklee Jam with Judy Rodman

Eric Normand ’89 runs the Nashville Berklee Jam. For the full post please visit

The guest speaker for the June, 2014 Nashville Berklee Jam was award-winning vocal coach, Judy Rodman. In this in-depth workshop she covers many facets of the most challenging endeavor a vocalist will encounter, singing in the studio. Here are some highlights from her talk (her entire presentation can be viewed here).

“The studio is an odd place to sing, it’s very artificial…it requires perfection, because the mic is really sensitive… and recording is forever.” Continue reading

Career Jam 2015

Vinicius Sa
Vinícius Cavalieri de Sá Coutinho, born in São Paulo on March 8, 1992, is
a Brazilian guitarist and composer who is majoring in Film Scoring.


Vinicius works as the Online International Ambassador for Portuguese

language since January, 2014.


Talvez esta dúvida esteja presente em maioria dos alunos, não só da Berklee: “o que será da minha vida após me formar na faculdade? Que caminho eu vou seguir? Onde irei atuar?”

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Two-Five-One: Kim Logan


Kim Logan left Berklee campus in 2010 to write and make records in Nashville. She is now finishing her degree via Berklee Online and is probably playing somewhere near you sometime soon, promoting her debut self-titled album and writing for her second. You can find her music on iTunes, Bandcamp, or pressed to vinyl or CD through her official website.

Photograph by Kar Zano

Photograph by Kar Zano

Name:  Kim Logan
Major(s):  Songwriting, Vocal Performance, Music Business
Hometown:  Sarasota, FL
Current City:  Nashville, TN

What has been the most challenging aspect of your transition from college to career?

I went to college when I was 17 and had no idea what I was doing.  Being on the Berklee campus was like a fugue state.  I sang a lot of old jazz, went to a lot of weird parties, and (at least) figured out I wanted to write and make records for the rest of my life.  Lately, I’ve been balancing my career with Berklee Online, which has been a total godsend for this here crazed, traveling, touring, not-a-morning-person professional musician.

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Alumni Spotlight: Joe Doyle

The Songwriting Shift that Paid Off 

by Shantell Ogden (’05)

Joe Doyle Photo Courtesy of Samations

Joe Doyle Photo Courtesy of Samations

Joe Doyle (’87) entered Berklee in the mid 80’s with a very specific goal in mind; he wanted to be a studio drummer.

“Steve Gadd was my hero,” says Doyle. “But when I got to Berklee I realized that I didn’t have the talent that some of my peers had on the instrumental side. So I started looking around at other options to be involved in music. Through that, I started writing songs.”  Continue reading