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Berklee College of Music is home to nineteen summer programs, where students get their first taste of the Berklee experience. Read some of our stories and profiles that will give you an idea of what it’s like to study on campus at Berklee in the summer!

5-week Summer Performance

yoshieYoshie Nakayama, from Tokyo, is a second semester Contemporary Writing and Production major and trombone principal. She also studies jazz vocals, and has a strong interest in a cappella.

バークリーでは毎年恒例のFive-week Summer Performanceが始まりました。
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Berklee City Music Network

Mais uma vez um post sobre Los Angeles. Na verdade sobre um grande evento que ocorrerá dos dias 2 a 5 de Novembro deste ano.  Continue reading

Summer Day Sessions – Building a foundation for the musicians of tomorrow

Rohan Elkins, a young, local musician from Framingham, MA, recounts his experiences from summer day sessions and how it has impacted his approach to music. Rohan’s mother, Cheryl provides insight as well on what it means to be a parent of a young budding musician.


Rohan what is your instrument and how long have you been playing?

I am a Latin percussionist at heart, and I’ve been studying for 7 years now. I have been studying bongos, congas, timbales, other auxiliary Latin percussion, and I’ve picked up jazz drum set. Recently, I have been learning how to play French horn and euphonium.

Which Summer Program did you attend and what drew you to Berklee?

I attended the Summer Day Sessions, the middle school program, during the summers of 2011, 2012, and 2013. I was drawn to Berklee because of the personality of the school, its reputation, and its great location in the heart of Boston. I really enjoyed being on campus and I truly miss the atmosphere now that I am not there.

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Students at the Sidewalk Series

Post authored by Erin Gernon, marketing assistant for Summer Programs.

Caroline Hisel performs at the Sidewalk Series.

Walking down Boylston Street on Thursday afternoons in the summer, you may stumble across a concert outside the Berklee Bookstore: young, talented musicians performing their compositions in front of peers, the cafe crowd, and the passersby, whose urgent errands fade as they stand transfixed by the music.

These concerts are known as the Sidewalk Series and have been a fixture of the Five-Week Summer Performance Program since 2011. Every Thursday during the five-week program, selected students use the bookstore patio as their amphitheater for an afternoon. Continue reading

Study Abroad in Valencia – In the Studio, Out on the Mountains

Alper Tuzcu is a 3rd semester student at Berklee. He is from Istanbul, Turkey. He plays guitar and is a Contemporary Writing and Production major. 
Finally I get to use the amazing studios at Valencia. For my Music Technology Innovation (MTI)  Recording/Mixing classes we have to recording a singer songwriter project. As I am the songwriter in this case, I recorded a song with a brilliant vocalist I met on the campus. It took me a while to write the song, but I wanted to write something specific in Valencia.  Continue reading