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The Game Is about the People: Three Things I Learned from Richard Ludlow

By Tim Hare B.M. ’11 

Richard Ludlow B.M. ’14 is a peer and someone I really admire. A fellow Berklee grad who started his own company, Hexany Audio, Richard is an incredibly talented game audio designer. I have spent some time with him and the Hexany Audio group and they are poised to take over the gaming audio world. We spoke about the Berklee experience (particularly through his film scoring major), how to make it, and networking.

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Using the Force: Three Things I Learned from Music Editor Joseph Bonn

By Tim Hare B.M. ’11

Music Editor Joseph BonnJoseph Bonn is one of the best music editors on the planet. He’s worked on such Hollywood blockbusters as Godzilla, X-Men Apocalypse, and Prometheus. He is currently the music editor on a little flick called Star Wars: The Last Jedi.*

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New MexiCo-op

Teague (right) attended college in my small hometown.

Back from the Berklee Gracenotes journey to Santa Fe for week or so, we’ve had some time to reflect on our experiences there. One, among many, values reinforced through our work there is the cultivation of community, with clear reminders that the distance that separates humans in this country (and beyond) is much less than the miles of physical space.  In this modern world, it is easier than ever to collaborate with those all over the world to build positive energy and put it to a meaningful result.

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Hitting the Nail on the Head

At Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

From the moment my colleague who traveled with Gracenotes to New Orleans told me ‘if you have the chance, GO’, I knew I wanted to take part in the 2017 Berklee Gracenotes Sponsorship trip. As the sole Boston Conservatory at Berklee member, I still was unfamiliar with Berklee staff and faculty outside my own department, and to work closely with new faces in a way and in a place far removed from our usual interactions and settings was definitely appealing.

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Building in Santa Fe

While my stay in Santa Fe was cut short by illness, I still had the amazing opportunity to dine, hike, build, and explore the city. I also had the opportunity to have great experiences with other Berklee staff and faculty who I did not previously know. Overall, it was an enjoyable trip that I would recommend to any of my peers at the college of music.

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