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Berklee Indian Ensemble: Have you met Harshitha?


Picture by Dave Green

It’s barely been a couple of weeks since classes began but the Berklee Indian Ensemble is already rehearsing and gearing up for the upcoming performances this semester. After spending two intense hours working with the vocalists and learning the piece Charishnu, Harshitha Krishnan and I walked out of class, humming harmonies. Having known each other for over two years, I told her I wanted to interview her for the blog and she looked at me and chortled. We got a cup of coffee and sat down to talk about her and her journey at Berklee.

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Berklee Behind The Music Featuring Dreamer and Son

Have you ever wanted to form a band? You don’t know where to start but all you do know is that you have the passion to create music as a team. I had the privilege of sitting down with Berklee band Dreamer and Son to talk about the motivation and confidence that it takes from once being just solo artists to now functioning as a team to create a strong musical idea.

As their community eagerly waits for their first EP “Written Off // Moving on” the band discusses the steps they took to perform and write music as Dreamer and Son.

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Nicolás Castañeda: Ganador de la Beca BMI

Nicolas CastanedaMi experiencia al momento de recibir la beca de BMI fue algo completamente inesperado. Ya había perdido un poco las esperanzas en seguir estudiando en Berklee. De pronto aplique a una beca de BMI por medio del maestro Oscar Stagnaro (quien es la persona que me ha ayudado desde que inicie Berklee en Spring 2013) obteniendo buenos resultados. Obtuve una beca de $5000 dólares gracias a mi trabajo musical en la categoría Composición Jazz.

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Valentina López, Undergraduate Student at Berklee’s Campus in Valencia, on Performing at Innovation ¡En Vivo! – Fall’s Edition

With Innovation ¡En Vivo! just a day way, here’s a sneak peek into the life of amazingly talented Valentina López:

My name is Valentina López, and I’m a 21 year old Ecuadorian singer-song writer. I started my music career at the age of 17 and since then I’ve had the great honor to open for Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Melendi and Big Time Rush back in Ecuador! I also had the opportunity to be nominated and win a few awards in Ecuador. My major at Berklee is Music Production and Engineering, and at the moment I’m a study abroad student at the Valencia Campus. For this Innovation ¡En Vivo! I will be performing a song called “La Negra Tiene Tumbao” by Celia Cruz (a Latin American music idol) featuring my Berklee Valencia band. I hope to stay in touch and see you tomorrow night if you’re in Valencia! 

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Deepak Chopra Meets Berklee

pankhuri singhal“Bring the sky beneath your feet and listen to celestial music everywhere,” Rumi once said. In his discourse on genetics and the holistic lifestyle at the Berklee Performance Center on December 6th, Deepak Chopra quoted Rumi many a time when brilliantly relaying the intertwined nature of music and meditation with the very DNA make-up of our bodies. As a genetic neuroscience student outside of Berklee and a part of the beautiful Berklee Indian Ensemble led by Annette Philip, I felt Dr. Chopra painted a precise picture of who we really are as individuals: luminous stardust beings constantly emanating energy. Now imagine if we all embodied this very fact of our truest nature; how would we treat one another differently? How would we treat ourselves differently? But more importantly, what type of things would we surround ourselves with? These are questions that the Indian Ensemble family ponders, as well, and I think it’s this introspective approach that allows us to infuse music with love.

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