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Cluttered Clarity: The Project

Ben KonenBen Konen is a student at Berklee College of Music. With the help of International Programs he and his band, Cluttered Clarity, will be touring around Europe this summer. Read more about Ben’s adventures here.

Eight months ago, Jernej and I realized, that living in Boston was great. However, being away from your hometown for such a long time had one major downside. The local music scene forgets who you are. We decided to start a new band and apply at local festivals in Luxembourg and Slovenia. Continue reading

Hong Kong: Birthday, Teaching, and Exploring


Jeannie Gagné is an Associate Professor of Voice at Berklee. International Programs at Berklee recently helped Jeannie plan a trip to Hong Kong where she is teaching and performing. Here she recounts her experiences while traveling abroad. You can read other posts about her trip here.

It’s already Sunday May 18 here! These days have been full and wonderful and I have much to share.

Jeannie and friendsI’ve taught several voice lessons, this has been really fun. I’m making many new friends. I am really falling in love with people here, so generous, so warm.

I’ve tasted lots of new foods (though it’s a bit tough being a wheat-free vegetarian!) and seen more of Hong Kong. The way to get around is by walking, taxi or the metro. There are taxis everywhere! Continue reading

Hong Kong: Making New Friends Abroad

gagne-jeannieJeannie Gagné is an Associate Professor of Voice at Berklee. International Programs at Berklee recently helped Jeannie plan a trip to Hong Kong where she is teaching and performing. Here she recounts her experiences while traveling abroad. You can read other posts about her trip here.


Second Full Day, May 15 2014

Buildings in Hong  KongI’ve settled into my hotel room with a view of a huge building and a little bit of Victoria Harbour that separates where I’m staying in Wanchai, on Hong Kong Island, from Kowloon across the way. Hong Kong is tall buildings everywhere! And I’m from New York City, but even so, here in Hong Kong everything seems very tall and UP. Continue reading

Blended Learning: Clear Communication, Proactive Email, Realistic Goals, and Impactful In-Person Class Time

Jay Rinaldi Blog
This post was written by Jay Rinaldi, Assistant Professor in the Electronic Production and Design Department. Jay also teaches classes at The New England Institute of Art in the Graphic & Web Design Department. In addition to teaching, he has worked as a computer game musician and sound engineer and as a freelance audio professional for TV (advertising) and in multimedia. Jay has conducted over 250 live video webcasts and designs and develops websites.

Since Fall 2013, we have run a subset of MTEC-111 Introduction to Music Technology sections in a blended format. In the blended format, each week we spend one class session together in person and then students spend an additional three or more hours working with learning materials online at ol.berklee.edu. Rather than lecturing in class, now half of my teaching time is devoted to helping students structure and manage their own learning.  Continue reading




其实之前刚开始在学校工作的时候就是做的面试助理,每每有考生紧张地问起,等会儿会不会很难?我都会说你只要让他们了解你,展示出你最好的水平就可以了。很多时候你表演的曲子可能并不那么完美,但考官在你身上发现了闪光处。 Continue reading