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Berklee Latino: Seis Días Con Personas Inolvidables


Cuando recibimos el correo de aceptación en el Programa Berklee Latino, la emoción invadió nuestros días hasta ese Lunes que todos hicimos fila para nuestro registro.

Hombres, mujeres, unos muy jóvenes, otros no tanto; pero todos con una misma ilusión y una pasión que nos identificaba y que brotaba a flor de piel: LA MÚSICA.

Durante los primeros días la emoción por aprender de nuestros maestros era común en cada compañero, poco a poco nos íbamos conociendo, especialmente cuando en las clases de armonía el maestro nos pasaba a improvisar, un término que yo creo que a todos nos quedó muy claro y nos hizo sentir más de una vez, nervios cada vez que nos pedían pasar al frente, por lo menos a mi si!!!  Continue reading

Top 3 Tips for Teaching Online

This post was written by Ross Bresler, Professor, Liberal Arts. He is the course co-author and faculty for the online course, “LAHS-233 Themes and Variations in Western Art.”

I have taught “Themes and Variations in Western Art” successfully to on-campus students for two semesters and here are my proven tips for success:

  1. Make contact with students early and often. Students often have trouble organizing their time when taking an online course. It is easy to lose students who miss a few early assignments.
  2. Become human. Even if your class is fully online and not blended, do what you can to make yourself a real person and not a machine to your students. This can take the form of video chat, recorded video messages, photos, or setting out time for coffee with local students.
  3. Communicate to the individual and the group. Develop a weekly rhythm of individual comments sent to each student, as well as a weekly message to the group laying out the progress of the course such as where you have been, where you are, and where you are going. This establishes both a series of individual relationships and a sense of community.

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One In Ten Thousand Can Make A Difference

This post was written by Sharon Lynch, Director of Media Development for the Digital Learning Department.

“The power of a single idea, acted upon, can change people’s lives.” -Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS

That was the theme of the 2013 Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston.
10,000 women, including several Berklee staff members, and a few brave men, like Mycoskie, attended and spoke at this record-breaking event. The conference featured nationally recognized speakers who shared wisdom and expertise on a wide range of personal and professional development topics, helping attendees find clarity on their goals and what is needed to accomplish them. Its tagline was “Power of Us.”

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Writing Tips from the Trenches

blogcoverThis post was written by Kathleen Howland, who teaches in the Music Therapy Department, with a specialty in music and cognition. She is a licensed speech language pathologist and holds a Ph.D. from University of South Carolina. She maintains a busy music therapy practice, and is an active music therapist, and performs regularly on baritone saxophone and clarinet. She is in the process of writing several online courses for the forthcoming Music Therapy masters program at Berklee. She shares her thoughts on writing here.

When I was first assigned to write online courses for my department, I needed to first build capacity to do this. I had the ability, but not the know-how. These tips are to help you think through and prepare for your process. Perhaps my learning curve will be your tailwind in writing efficiently and producing the best course you can.

First Steps.
Taking the online course that our Faculty Learning Community (FLC) has written is an important first step in looking at your capacity, desire and drive to meet the writing demands. Writing an online course is a hybrid between brick-and-mortar teaching and writing a book. It is also unlike teaching in a traditional classroom or writing a book. You work at a very detailed level, which varies from the spontaneity of relationship-based teaching. You write in a style that is unlike a textbook. It is a cross between informal speech and formal writing. That’s why going through the FLC course is key to your success. You have to get a sense of style and timing of online courses in order to write optimally.
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Honored to perform at the Latin Grammy’s with Alejandro Sanz / Tuve el honor de actuar con Alejandro Sanz en los Latin Grammy’s)

Berklee students sound off on their recent trip to the Latin Grammys in Las Vegas, where they had the opportunity perform alongside Alejandro Sanz. (Estudiantes de Berklee hablan de su reciente viaje a los Latin Grammy’s en las Vegas, donde tuvieron la oportunidad de actuar con Alejandro Sanz). Read the full story on Berklee.edu


Alejandro Sanz and 30 Berklee students at the Latin Grammys.

JUAN ANTONIO GARCIA ILLANAS, tenor saxophone (Coca-Segovia,Spain)

Juan & Alejandro Sanz1Honestly, I couldn’t  believe when I first saw the e-mail from Javier Limón inviting me to go to Las Vegas to play with Alejandro Sanz in the 14th Latin Grammy Awards. But the funny thing is that now that we already did it, I still can’t believe seeing myself playing in the stage, with all these great musicians and with Alejandro leading the band. I’ve seen the video like twenty times already but it is still a dream for me. Continue reading