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Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Williams

A Lesson in Music Community: Amanda Williams

by Shantell Ogden (’05)

Amanda holding here latest and most notable cut, “She’s Tired of Boys”

Amanda holding here latest and most notable cut, “She’s Tired of Boys”

Amanda Williams (’99), daughter of Hall of Fame songwriter Kim Williams, is in her heart a community builder. She graduated in Music Business/Management with Vocal Performance focus, and then moved back to Nashville to start her own journey as an artist and songwriter.

Williams, who recently celebrated a major cut she co-wrote with Garth Brooks, “She’s Tired of Boys” on his Man Against Machine album, has been hard at work in recent years spearheading a new movement of ‘songpreneurs’ through the songwriting community she founded.

To learn more about Amanda and the Songwriting and Music Business Community, we asked her a few questions.

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Two-Five-One: Liz Turner


Liz Turner, a 2010 Berklee graduate, is an accomplished singer, composer and actress who captivates her audiences with a warm voice, playful attitude, and vibrant inner beauty.  After touring she relocated to NYC and will be embarking on a new adventure starting Fall, 2015 in Valencia, Spain to pursue her Masters of Music in Vocal Performance/Music Production at Berkee College of Music’s Spain Campus.

Liz Turner PicName: Liz Turner
Major(s): Performance, Voice
Hometown: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
Current City: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Why did you move to the city you’re living in now?

After graduation, I was fortunate to spend two years on the road performing in Europe with Disney and Nickelodeon. Then I became anxious to create my own music and chose New York City as my base because of its array of creative opportunities. For me NYC provides work in TV, film, recording and live performances in small venues, each of these experiences have shaped my music. I work hard at connecting with other musicians and enjoy collaborations where I can network with musicians from many styles. Continue reading

The Power of Asking


by Shie Rozow ’97

Growing up I was very timid, especially when it came to girls. In junior high there was a girl I liked. A lot. There was a school dance coming up and I desperately wanted to ask her to go as my date, but just couldn’t muster the courage. I was too shy (no pun intended). Trying to help me, my father told me a story – a crude joke:

A man walks into a bar, sits next to a pretty woman and asks her if she wants to go to his place for some late night romance. She throws her drink in his face, slaps him across the cheek and storms off. The bartender says to the man “you must get a lot of drinks thrown in your face?” The man responds, “yes I do, but I also take a lot of women to my place.”

He explained his point was that if you don’t ask, you’ll never get what you want. Thankfully that wasn’t the extend of his advice and my father then followed up with his 75% chance of success theory. It goes something like this: continue reading on Shie’s blog.

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Boston to LA: Starting a Career

Nikole Luebbe graduated in 2014 and is now working as the Music Coordinator at Heavy Hitters Music.

Nikole Luebbe Headshot

September 2013 I was beginning my last semester at Berklee, September 2014 marked the end
of my third month working as the music coordinator for Heavy Hitters Music. Time has been moving very quickly lately and in the span of 12 months I have gone from college student, to intern, to college graduate, to full time employee. In an industry that can be very unpredictable and unstable I have been very lucky in that I have never been to unsure of what my next step will be.

In September of 2013 I made my first trip into the Office of Experiential Learning to meet with my advisor Brian Curr. I told Brian I was interested in music supervision and that my dream internship would be to work for Chop Shop Music Supervision. Brian was an invaluable resource to me, he made sure I was prepared and kept me level headed by letting me know I needed to pursue backup options, as it was not likely I would get an interview with Chop Shop.

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Kate Taylor on Music for TV and Film

Eric Normand ’89 runs the Nashville Berklee Jam. For the full post please visit nashvilleberkleejam.com.

At the August Nashville Berklee Jam we were fortunate to have an expert in the field of music for television and film – songwriter and CEO of Song Placement International, Kate Taylor. A native of Michigan, Kate has been in Nashville since 1999 and has had her songs placed in shows like “The Young and Restless”, “Teen Nick”, CMT, and countless others. Through her song placement company she has placed songs for hundreds of artists and is currently working with shows like “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Nashville”, and “Duck Dynasty”, to name a few. Here are a few highlights from her in-depth talk about the ins and outs of getting music placed in TV, film, video games and commercials. (A video of Kate’s entire talk can be viewed here.)

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