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Study Abroad: The Barcelona Experience

HollisHollis Mugford is a sixth semester Professional Music major at Berklee. She is a pop, R&B, and country singer from Virginia. Her passion for writing and travel have inspired her to share her experiences and thoughts with the Berklee community and beyond as she embarks on her first semester abroad in Valencia, Spain. 


Well simply put I think Barcelona is perhaps my favorite city I have ever been to. We left on Friday morning from Valencia and took the 8am train along the coast to Barcelona. Just the train ride itself was so beautiful, passing by all of these small private beaches lined with palm trees, just early enough still that the sun was still coming up over the water and the surface looked like it was dusted with diamonds.

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Study Abroad: Wow! Is it only the fourth week of class!?

Danielle AngeloniDanielle Angeloni is a singer/songwriter inspired by culture, traveling, and life. She loves collaborative writing, learning, and performing and is honored to be finishing her Degree in Professional Music and Minor in Music Technology and Innovation at Berklee’s Valencia, Spain Campus



Things are really starting to get busy here in Valencia. Late nights in the tech labs, recording sessions on my days off, performances, rehearsal and I LOVE every minute of it! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed being exhausted this much.

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Music Therapy Students Share Their Experience Doing Community Outreach in Panama

Berklee Music Therapy students traveled to Panama this past summer where they worked at Fundación Danilo Perez , Hospital del Niño, FANLYC, UDELAS and other local organizations. Students got the opportunity to share their Berklee knowledge and experience first hand by healing through music. Patricia Zarate, Berklee Alumna from the first Music Therapy graduating class, was the program leader and mentor for the students during this trip.

Emma Byrd, Piano, USA

DSC_0113 (1)The Music Therapy Service and Learning trip to Panama was, without a doubt, the most profound experience of my training thus far. During our week in Panama, I was challenged in ways I could not have been challenged in a classroom or practicum setting. At the same time, I was exposed to people and situations, which inspired and touched me greatly. It would be impossible to over-stress the impact this trip has had on me personally and professionally.

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Berklee Latino: Un Nuevo Panorama de Posibilidades

Rodolfo Gug nos cuenta sobre su experiencia en VocalizeU y como Berklee Latino le ayudo a cantor en el showcase final.

Hola a todos! Es un honor escribir para este blog. Mi nombre es Rodolfo Gug. Vivo en la ciudad de México, tengo 24 años y soy alumno del programa Berklee latino.

Atendí a Berklee latino en Enero del 2014 y puedo decir que fue una experiencia única y enriquecedora. Tuve clase con Sofía Rei quien me abrió un panorama de posibilidades en lo que respecta al técnica de canto, scatt e improvisación que pronto implementaría en mi estudio. En general, los maestros fueron muy abiertos y disponibles para darnos su perspectiva sobre nuestro trabajo. Entre ellos se encontraba: Javier Limón, Tim Mayer, Claudio Ragazzi, Sofía Rei, Mark Walker and Oscar Stagnaro. Continue reading

De Berklee Latino al 5 Week Program: Una Nueva Experiencia

Berklee LatinoEn enero pasado tuve la oportunidad de participar en Berklee Latino, el primer programa en español de Berklee para toda Latinoamérica. Ahí, tuve la oportunidad de conocer a personas y profesores de distintos países y sobretodo de compartir ideas y visiones musicales. Gracias al programa, pude asistir al Five Week Program en Boston, al inicio no sabía que esperar, sólo me sentía realmente emocionada por lo desconocido, un país y una ciudad en la que nunca había estado y en la cual iba a conocer a músicos de todo el mundo.

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