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yoshieYoshie Nakayama, from Tokyo, is a 5th semester Contemporary Writing and Production major, trombone principal student. She studies arranging, recording/mixing with ProTools, and vocal ensemble. She graduated Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo with bachelor of music from Music education major. She has license of teaching music in japanese Junior high/high school.


このホールはアメリカ5大オーケストラの一つ、ボストン交響楽団の本拠地で、小沢征爾さんが1973年から2002年まで音楽監督を勤められました。 Continue reading

From Tech to Classical

Stella Lee describes how her previous internship at Echo Nest prepared her for her current work at the BSO

As a Music Business major at Berklee, I had participated in my first internship at Echo Nest. This company is a music intelligence company that powers smarter music applications for a wide range of customers including MTV, The BBC, MOG, Warner music Group and a community of about 7000 independent app developers. It was my first experience in a real working environment. Before I started my internship, I researched everything about Echo Nest and prepared to join as an intern. The reason I chose Echonest was because it was a growing company that I could learn a variety of tasks in. While interning at Echo Nest I had to search and rate social media and gather information from databases on the application and it was fascinating to see developers coming up with new ideas everyday.

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Networking is Key at the BSO

Stella Lee describes how working with the BSO’s many sponsors has given her insight into music sponsorship management

I have always dreamed about working at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. On the first day of my internship, I arrived at the office 30 minutes earlier than my scheduled time. When I arrived, my supervisor Allegra introduced me to more than 300 people that help organize and run the company. I was very impressed with the working environment of the BSO. It is a very friendly environment in which I enjoyed talking to people and hearing about their job roles.

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