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Boston Acoustic Scene Remembers John McGann

The following post was written by Matt Glaser, artistic director for Berklee’s American Roots Music Program. Photographer Erin Prawoko provided the images.

Last Tuesday night at the Cantab Lounge there was an outpouring of love and grief for our dear, departed John McGann. The Boston acoustic music scene has become a very tight-knit community, with Berklee at its epicenter and John at the epicenter of the epicenter.

Matt Glaser and Bruce Molsky. Photo by Erin Prawoko.

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In Memory of John McGann (A Message from President Roger H. Brown)

I am sad to announce the death of faculty member John McGann. His fine teaching and musicianship influenced many. I think the words of his students and colleagues capture this eloquently:

John was beyond category and beyond compare. He was like a garden of musical and human gifts. That garden is gone.

– Matt Glaser, Artistic Director, American Roots Program, Berklee College of Music

I’ve had the privilege of studying with John for the past two years at Berklee. We all knew that John was going through health issues for the last couple of weeks, but no one could have imagined this terrible news today. 

John was one of the most amazing and knowledgeable musicians I have ever known. My private lessons with him were some of the deepest musical revelations I’ve had at a school where everyone is thinking about music all the time.

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Life is good Kids Foundation and BCM in Haiti – 3

Day 4 was our last day tracking vocals.  We recorded 3 tunes today, and now have all ten.  Tomorrow will be designated to recording overdubs.  The special treat for today was recording a 30 piece childrens choir.  The choir is associated with is Haiti Partners, Directed by Alex Myril and we recorded in its founders home.

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Life is good Kids Foundation and BCM in Haiti – 2

Day three was a continuation of the work flow of day two.  Our studio schedule is 9am – 4pm every day; we end up eating lunch at 4:30pm and never step outside.

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Life is good Kids Foundation and BCM in Haiti – 1

How does on prepare for a trip to Haiti?  There are shots, articles, conversations you have with people that have and have not been there…. How does one prepare for producing artists you have never met before?  Listen to their music, try to catch their vibe, email, skype, and learn their tunes.

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