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Queade’s Valencia Videoblog

Queade Dweh (Vocalist)
8th Semester, Music Business Marketing
Philadelphia,PA/New Jersey

Originally from Philadelphia, Pa, Queade Dweh (vocalist and pianist) is a performer and aspiring business-woman ready to begin her career in the music industry. During her junior year in undergrad, she decided to spend her last semester in Spain to explore international learning opportunities. As her graduation approaches from Berklee College of Music, she hopes to use her knowledge gained majoring in Music Business to help others.

Hi Bloggers!

My name is Queade Dweh, and I’m so excited to show you all my experiences in Spain. Valencia has so many positive things to offer students and I hope through my blog you all will take a moment to at least think about coming here for a semester. Each week I will post about different topics from traveling and booking tickets to how to get around in Valencia/Europe. Talk to you soon!!


Music Business Seminar – Why do Music Stores Have Mirrors? (And Other Musings of Music and the Market)

Students Megan Himel and Louis Pratt from the global entertainment and music business master’s program reflect upon the eleventh of the Music Business Seminars, where they had the chance to listen to George Howard talk about his experience in the music industry.

George Howard1

During the week of February 6th, 2015, the students at Berklee Valencia were honored to host George Howard, a seasoned music industry veteran, as a guest lecturer. George found remarkable success over the years, running record labels (Rykodisc, Essex River Work and Slow River Records) as well as co-­‐founding TuneCore and other respected names in the music industry. With his latest venture, George Howard Advising, George hopes to draw on his years of experience in the industry (and running previous advisement firms) in order to help artists and brands fulfill their potential to work smarter, not harder.

George is also widely regarded as one of the most popular teachers on Berklee’s Boston campus. After speaking in front of Berklee Valencia’s GEMB class, the students unanimously understood why that was the case. It was obvious how passionate George was, not just about the industry, but also about the students studying it. It is one thing to claim your students inspire you in your professional bio, but George wore his feelings on his sleeve. His humbleness, even after years of success, resonated with the audience. His drive to highlight the fact that educators can learn just as much from students as the reciprocal situation, helped tune students into the conversation at hand. We love to see music industry pro’s investing in students’ futures -­‐ both personal and professional: it won’t be long before these students are disrupting the industry they love (in good ways, of course.) George articulated his purpose loud and clear, which made his speech about the topic just that much more special.

George Howard2

When talking about creating value in a company, George discussed the (wh)Y, as in “it’s like X, but with Y.” This is what we call the competitive advantage. A competitive advantage can take many forms: price, or any number of unique services or features. Latching on to one of these can give your company a Key Market Wedge -­‐ something which allows you to ram into the market -­‐but runs the risk of being undercut (price) or mimicked (services and features): we are in a race towards homogenization. George expressed that the element which gives a company real grasp in a market circles back to the question: “Why do music stores have mirrors?”

The answer is simple: as consumers, we care about how the products we consume make us look -­‐ we want an external manifestation of our internal values. Therefore, when you build a company or a product, an important question is: for which value or desire does this product allow hope to manifest?

George expanded his dialogue on how to best run and market a company by discussing the Innovator’s Dilemma. This is a fascinating issue companies always struggle with: how much do you invest in the Cash Cow (the product currently servicing your customers and earning you money), and how much do you invest in the Shooting Star (the product that is not yet mainstream, but has the potential to be your next Cash Cow)? Many companies focus all their resources on the Cash Cow, neglecting the Shooting Star, therefore setting themselves up for a slow decline into obsolesce. With this in mind, we wonder what the Super Bowl half-­‐time show would look like if the parties involved decided to use the platform to break rising stars, rather than supporting the main act with aging cash cows of years past (cough, cough, Lenny Kravits). Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE Missy Elliot, but she hasn’t put out a record or been in the spotlight in 10 years! We would have loved to see an emerging act explode onto the scene and really benefit from Super Bowl sized platform and audience, instead of watching somebody who is already rich and famous…well, get more rich and famous.

George has been one of our favorite speakers to date. Along with sharing an amazing ethos and professional philosophy, he provided a mountain of practical experience to draw from. His words of encouragement were aptly timed and greatly appreciated.

Music Business Seminar – How to manage, develop and prolong an artist’s career

Students Janay James and Alejandro Morales from the global entertainment and music business master’s program reflect upon the tenth of the Music Business Seminars, where they were able to listen to Rosa Lagarrigue talk to them about managing artist’s careers.

Rosa Lagarrigue, the head of the largest artist management company in Spain, RLM, came to share what it takes to manage, develop, and prolong an artist’s career with the Global Entertainment and Music Business students here at Berklee Valencia. As our multi-lingual speaker explained, the key to being a successful artist manager is that one must be “able to successfully help develop the artist’s career both short term and long term. You have to see the bigger picture not just here and now.” Rosa’s resume of artists and the longevity of their careers proves that she has been persistent in making artists work for the long term while building global strategies around their stardom.

Rosa Lagarrigue

Starting in the early 80s as an artist assistant for Miguel Bóse, then acting as a promoter in the late 80s bringing artists from abroad, Rosa’s career has developed into the monumental one that she has today. She has managed Grammy Award winning Spanish singer and songwriter, Alejandro Sanz for twenty-one years. Latin Grammy Award nominee Malú has also flourished under the management of Rosa for sixteen years. Other artists on Rosa’s diverse roster include Spanish singer Electric Nana, Colombian singer, songwriter, and dancer Shakira, Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias, and Spanish singer and actor Raphael. Each artist is different, and therefore requires different managerial techniques when it comes to working towards a successful career for both the artist and the manager. Rosa suggested that, “It is very rare to find artists who stay with one manager throughout their career”. Hence, the relationship built between an artist and their manager is a mutual commitment. One cannot work to its full potential without the other.

Rosa Lagarrigue2

Rosa has gained the reputation as one of the top artist managers in Spain, and rightfully so. With over thirty-five years of experience, paying close attention to a prospective artist’s style, performance, personality, looks, working capacity, target audiences, and ambition, her recruiting and managerial skills set her apart from the rest. In the artist management industry it is important to “optimize resources in order to help the artist have a bigger impact on the audience.”

Our seminar speaker also shared some of her most credible attributes as a manager which include: Common sense and being well grounded; Intuition and artistic perception; Honesty; Persistence and work ethics; Good negotiation skills; Speaking various languages; and Having good people skills. As several aspiring A&Rs and artist managers sat in the audience listening and learning from the experiences of Rosa Lagarrigue we gained great international perspective and insight on what it takes to contribute to and build artists in the ever evolving music industry.

Veni. Vidi. Vici.

Carmen WoodruffCarmen Woodruff is a Contemporary Vocal Performance graduate student at Berklee’s Valencia campus. Originally from the Detroit Metropolitan area, Carmen attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, graduating with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. After working for 10 years in the marketing field and some serious soul-searching, she went back to school to complete a second degree in Music at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She is now living her dream at Berklee College of Music in Valencia and encourages others to do the same. It’s never too late! Follow Carmen’s musical journey on Facebook or Reverbnation.

“Veni; vidi; vici.” – Julius Caesar

We came; we saw; we conquered. We did it! We made it through our first semester as graduate students at Berklee’s beautiful Valencia campus. We sure are lucky to be a part of this progressive phenomenon where we’re able to create and explore amongst friends we now call our family. As we prepare for Spring semester, I can’t help but to reflect on the past five months we’ve shared.

I think about the study abroad students from the Boston campus who’ve touched our hearts with their infectious energy and talents. One in particular blew me away as she scatted Ella-style while simultaneously playing the drums at Café Mercedes one night. Another student with his wacky hairstyles and witty banter had us all in stitches in keyboarding class every Wednesday. At one point, I started to feel like their mother, instructing them to alert me when they arrived back from a trip to London and worrying about them throughout their weekend journey.

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Bron Don – Valencia Blog #1

Berklee-Valencia-Bron-Don-Study-AbroadBron Don formed in the fall of 2013 at Berklee College of Music. In January 2014, they recorded their first EP entitled “The Vibes Project”, which was released on February 6th, 2014. Now they’ve decided to experience a semester abroad at Berklee’s Valencia campus in Spain.

18:00, Somewhere Over The Atlantic

Believe it or not, this day, January 9th 2015, marks the official one-year anniversary of Bron Don. At this time last year, Mitchell Cardoza and I (Michael Cangemi) arrived at John Cattini’s house in Albany, New York, after completing our 1st semester at Berklee. There we recorded what turned out to be our first EP, “The Vibes Project.” Little did we know that in one year’s time we would be on a flight to Valencia to Study Abroad and play music around Europe.

Shortly after the formation of Bron Don, we heard about the Study Abroad program offered by Berklee. After a quick discussion with our friends, we all decided that it was clearly a no-brainer. Four months abroad, in Valencia, with our band, AND our closest friends? What’s there to debate! So we all applied during our 3rd semester and in the Fall 2014, we found out that we had all been accepted to go abroad. Unfortunately, our good friend and drummer, Cody Flores, had opted to not Study Abroad in order to stay in Boston and pursue his academics and musical career. Drummer-less and with Europe fast approaching, we held auditions and soon after found fellow 3rd semester-er Colin Mohr. With an EP and Album, “De La Cosmos.”, under our belt, we quickly got to rehearsing and gigging with Colin in preparation for our trip abroad.

As John, Mitchell, and I sit here on our flight to Valencia, we can’t help but be excited. In a few hours we will be in Valencia, and be reunited with Colin and the rest of our friends. We have a once-in-a-life-time semester ahead of us, with the opportunity to get learnt in some stimulating classes and travel around Europe spreading the Bron Don vibe and love. Stay tuned for more news about our time abroad!

Peace and love,

Bron Don
~Michael Cangemi
~Mitchell Cardoza
~John Cattini
~Colin Mohr