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In Memoriam: Vuk Kulenovic

Dear members of the Berklee community,

Vuk KulenovicWith much sadness, I write to inform you that the college has lost another member of its community. Vuk Kulenovic, professor in the Composition Department, passed away on Monday, April 10.

Since 2006, Vuk has been a constant presence at Berklee. During his 11 years, he taught several counterpoint and orchestration courses, as well as directed study. Born in Sarajevo, in the former Yugoslavia in 1946, he studied piano and composition at Ljubljana Music Academy in Slovenia and later at Belgrade Music Academy, where he received his Master of Arts in music composition. He also studied with Milko Kelemen in Stuttgart, Germany. During his studies, the popular approach to composition was in 12-tone technique introduced to the world by Arnold Schoenberg. This had little impact on Vuk, since he was writing in a minimalist style before it was given that moniker and popularized by composers Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

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In Memoriam: Kim Plainfield

Dear members of the Berklee community,

“It’s an incredible gift and a privilege to be a musician. I really want my students to know that and understand the beauty and positive force in the world that music is.”

Kim PlainfieldThe words above are from Kim Plainfield, professor in the Percussion Department, and it is with great sadness that I write to tell you that Kim passed away unexpectedly on the evening of Saturday, April 9. He had just returned from a clinic tour in China.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and based in New York, Kim established a very successful career as a performer, author, and educator. He accumulated numerous performance and recording credits during his professional career, which started in earnest at the age of 19 when he began playing with Mingo Lewis and subsequently secured the drum chair with the Pointer Sisters.

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In Memoriam: Mili Bermejo

Dear Members of the Berklee Community,

It is with deep sadness that I write to you in remembrance of venerable voice faculty member, Mili Bermejo, who passed away on February 21 after a long battle with cancer. She was in a hospice facility for her last few days and her family was with her.

Mili BermejoMili was born in Argentina, but spent most of her young life in Mexico City. She is the daughter of renowned Mexican songwriter and guitarist Guillermo Bermejo. She studied voice and classical composition at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. While in Mexico, Mili performed at jazz festivals, as well as music for the theater, film, and broadcast media.

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In Memoriam: Victor Bailey

Dear members of the Berklee community,

Victor Bailey

It is with deep sadness that I write to tell you that Victor Bailey, associate professor in the Bass Department, passed away on Friday, November 11. He was 56, and had long battled with a neurodegenerative disease.

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Reflections on New Orleans

The devastation New Orleans went through during the hurricane in itself is hard to wrap your mind around, but going there and see with your own eyes the work that is still needed is truly heartbreaking.

Often when disasters happen around the world you have a deep sense of not being able to help out more. So to be able to volunteer and together with my awesome colleagues – people I am happy to be able to now call my friends, was such a rewarding experience.

It was very apparent that the 8 of us are very different personalities, but just as apparent that it didn’t matter, but only made it even more inspiring and interesting to work with one another. No matter the task and whom you were working with it was all about teamwork and how to best get the job done.

As I’m writing this blog I was reading through the blogs written by my new friends, and can only nod in agreement. Agreeing that you might leave a small mark of accomplishments with the work we did on the houses while there, but you carry with you a huge bag of memories and impressions that forever will be with you. Friendships that forever has being formed. Enjoyed the vibrant culture of New Orleans with all the music that thankfully still happening there.

The heat exhaustion and stomach bug I caught while there are minor issues that will quickly fade away. But the memories, the friendships, the sense of accomplishments will forever stay with me, and I’m very thankful to have been chosen to be part of this project.

It’s been a week since we had our last day at the site, working on the two houses in New Orleans, and it has been 10 years Berklee’s Gracenote program has been going to New Orleans working with Habitat for Humanity helping in the aftermath of Katrina. However our work is not done there, they still need our help and I truly hope that Berklee will continue to send faculty and staff to work with and help the people of New Orleans.

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