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Student Experience

Students are at the heart of the Berklee experience, so get the pulse from those who are innovating in practice rooms, business ventures, studios, production labs, and beyond.

올해 졸업식에는…

안녕하세요! 드디어 보스턴에도 봄이 찾아온 것 같습니다. (솔직히 봄을 사뿐히 건너뛰고 여름이 되어버린 것 같아서 당혹스럽기도 합니다 ㅎㅎ)

Untitled 그래도 길고 긴 겨울이 드디어 끝나고 학교 근처 자연도 곧 초록빛으로 단장할 모습을 상상하니 기분이 좋아지네요!

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PROEM by Erik Hasan Gomez

By contemplating science
as an autobiographical inward journey
that satisfies our cognitive needs and intellectual desires
we are able to understand
it is us who named the stars

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Launching MILKMAN and Getting a Main Stage at a 3 Day Music and Arts Festival

Hello, we are MILKMAN, a live event property and record label created by Jai Anand (a Berklee Graduate student here in Valencia). MILKMAN is a hybrid of ideas, emotions and sounds that come to life through live events and extraordinary experiences. MILKMAN offers live music and entertainment experiences for all of mankind. Being music enthusiasts and experiencing live music events across the world, we strongly believe in creating happy and dance-friendly environments for essential music lovers.

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Just To Burn Down

They built beautiful, exuberant and colorful things just to burn them down.

They labored, they sweat, they spent the better hours of a day crafting fine details and creating whole worlds; just to engulf it all in flames.


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Soundcharts Review


My name is Michael and I’m a Music Business student at Berklee Valencia. I am an artist manager and lately I’ve been able to study more in depth the importance of data in today’s music industry.

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