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Student Experience

Students are at the heart of the Berklee experience, so get the pulse from those who are innovating in practice rooms, business ventures, studios, production labs, and beyond.

Part of the G.A.N.G. at Game Sound Con: Networking in the Video Game Audio Industry

By Adam Kallibjian

G.A.N.G. scholars pose with game audio legend Brian Schmidt.

G.A.N.G. scholars pose with game audio legend Brian Schmidt (center). Adam Kallibjian pictured at right.

I remember as a kid playing Paper Mario on my old Nintendo 64 console and falling in love with games and music. I feel so thankful for the opportunity to now be a part of this incredible industry!

Game Sound Con is THE audio conference for video games and other forms of interactive media. When I found out that I was selected as a G.A.N.G (Game Audio Network Guild) Scholar, I immediately booked my flight and hotel for LA. I was assigned a composer mentor for the conference named Adam Gubman. We met several times over the course of the conference to talk about breaking into the industry, writing for casual and AAA games, and work life balance.

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Words of Wisdom from Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy at Berklee

Fall Out Boy at Berklee; image by Dave Green

During just about every conversation I’ve had with my friends about our angsty teen years, there are common aspects that pop up: MySpace, an affinity for being “random,” and loud pop punk music. So when Berklee announced that Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy would be speaking at the Berklee Performance Center along with a few members of the band’s dedicated touring crew, every student that was in middle school in 2007 was waiting in the pouring rain to get in.

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Finding Opportunity in Spatial Audio

By Yao Wang

Last spring, I was 9 months away from graduating, and the panic of post-graduation uncertainty was becoming unbearable. I was struggling to plan my career and I wanted to do something different. That was when I first got introduced to the world of virtual reality and spatial audio by my friend Jason Parks.

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Maria Finkelmeier’s Guide to Successful Entrepreneurship

Maria Finkelmeier

Percussionist, educator, composer, and entrepreneur Maria Finkelmeier

Maria Finkelmeier, who the Boston Globe has described as  a “one-woman dynamo,” came to Berklee to drop knowledge about the many successes–and failures–of her lifetime that made her a great entrepreneur. From percussion to public art exhibitions, Finkelmeier has been creative in her engagement with art and its diverse audiences around the world.

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From Student to Intern to Living The Dream

Alicia Callier M.A. ’16, a Berklee Valencia global Entertainment & Music Business alumni, recently got a job at Harmonix as a product manager last year through her ICE Fellowship. Harmonix is one of the world’s leading independent gamedevelopment studios, best known for creating the blockbuster video game franchise Rock Band. This past year, Alicia attended her first PAX West festival, a gaming festival, with the Super Beat Sports product management team. Super Beat Sports is one of Harmonix’s games.

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