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Felipe Tellez Morgana Premiere at Buñol

Morgana Overture Premiere with the San Rafael Symphonic Band of Bunyol

It was a real treat taking the short trip from Valencia to Bunyol to witness the premiere of one of my overtures by the local Symphonic Band from the Conservatorio Profesional de Música San Rafael de Buñol. This was made possible through collaboration and internal competitions from within Berklee, in order to select the pieces to be played.

Meeting new people, conductors, players and a new audience is very important for composers, and I feel lucky to have been given the chance.

-Felipe Téllez


세미나 @ Learning Center

버클리 보스턴 메인 캠퍼스인 150 Mass Ave 빌딩에서 열리는 Learning Center 세미나는 주제도 강연자도 다양합니다. 제가 참석한 Mixing Masterclass는 버클리 졸업생이자 지금은 Esoteric Sound Studio에서 사운드 엔지니어로 일하고 있는 Pablo San Martin씨가 진행하는 믹싱에 대한 세미나였습니다.

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Berklee Indian Ensemble: Spotlight on Zoya Mohan

Zoya Mohan is the perfect example of innovation, expression and presentation. The confidence with13493010_10153445226487030_434592317_n which she tapped into her Indian roots while drawing from the indie-folk music around her has been fascinating to watch. Having graduated from Berklee with a degree in Music Business in 2014, Zoya lets me sneak a peek into her dreams for the future of music in India.

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BerkleeICE Innovation Lab Part 1

small snare innovationStudents come to Berklee to do the impossible in the music industry. Innovation and creativity are what drive the industry forward.

Berklee graduates are guided for careers as entrepreneurs in the fast changing music business. Entrepreneurialism and innovation is fast paced and is the most valuable asset for students to enhance in the competitive music environment. Recently Berklee has launched a project that will help foster the creation of a new service/project/business that will help some the major issue revolving around the music industry today.

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Berklee Indian Ensemble: Have you met Ishita?

Credits to Anantha Srinivas Pawan Dommeti

Credits to Anantha Srinivas Pawan Dommeti

“Aunty ji, how are you?” I say as I run to hug Ishita, a dear friend and a constant ray of sunshine, no matter what Boston’s weather is like. Ishita Sinha has been a part of the Berklee Indian Ensemble since her second semester and there is so much that I’ve learnt from her over the past two years. With a heart as pure as her voice, she is a friend, mentor and confidant to me the people around her. As she nears the finish line at Berklee with a dual major in Electronic Production and Design and Film Scoring, Ishita has a lot to say about her journey so far.

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