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In Memoriam: Vuk Kulenovic

Dear members of the Berklee community,

Vuk KulenovicWith much sadness, I write to inform you that the college has lost another member of its community. Vuk Kulenovic, professor in the Composition Department, passed away on Monday, April 10.

Since 2006, Vuk has been a constant presence at Berklee. During his 11 years, he taught several counterpoint and orchestration courses, as well as directed study. Born in Sarajevo, in the former Yugoslavia in 1946, he studied piano and composition at Ljubljana Music Academy in Slovenia and later at Belgrade Music Academy, where he received his Master of Arts in music composition. He also studied with Milko Kelemen in Stuttgart, Germany. During his studies, the popular approach to composition was in 12-tone technique introduced to the world by Arnold Schoenberg. This had little impact on Vuk, since he was writing in a minimalist style before it was given that moniker and popularized by composers Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

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In Memoriam: Kim Plainfield

Dear members of the Berklee community,

“It’s an incredible gift and a privilege to be a musician. I really want my students to know that and understand the beauty and positive force in the world that music is.”

Kim PlainfieldThe words above are from Kim Plainfield, professor in the Percussion Department, and it is with great sadness that I write to tell you that Kim passed away unexpectedly on the evening of Saturday, April 9. He had just returned from a clinic tour in China.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and based in New York, Kim established a very successful career as a performer, author, and educator. He accumulated numerous performance and recording credits during his professional career, which started in earnest at the age of 19 when he began playing with Mingo Lewis and subsequently secured the drum chair with the Pointer Sisters.

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올해 졸업식에는…

안녕하세요! 드디어 보스턴에도 봄이 찾아온 것 같습니다. (솔직히 봄을 사뿐히 건너뛰고 여름이 되어버린 것 같아서 당혹스럽기도 합니다 ㅎㅎ)

Untitled 그래도 길고 긴 겨울이 드디어 끝나고 학교 근처 자연도 곧 초록빛으로 단장할 모습을 상상하니 기분이 좋아지네요!

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PROEM by Erik Hasan Gomez

By contemplating science
as an autobiographical inward journey
that satisfies our cognitive needs and intellectual desires
we are able to understand
it is us who named the stars

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Launching MILKMAN and Getting a Main Stage at a 3 Day Music and Arts Festival

Hello, we are MILKMAN, a live event property and record label created by Jai Anand (a Berklee Graduate student here in Valencia). MILKMAN is a hybrid of ideas, emotions and sounds that come to life through live events and extraordinary experiences. MILKMAN offers live music and entertainment experiences for all of mankind. Being music enthusiasts and experiencing live music events across the world, we strongly believe in creating happy and dance-friendly environments for essential music lovers.

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