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매년 이맘 때쯤이면 재학생들은 장학금 연장 또는 신규신청을 하기 위해 분주해집니다. 장학금 신청을 위해서는 온라인 포토폴리오와 추천서가 필요한데요. 올해부터 온라인 포토폴리오 방법이 달라졌습니다.

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Study Abroad Summer Program: part 5

Former Composition for Films and Video Games, and summer study abroad student Tyler Habig, kept a blog recording his 6 week experience at Berklee Valencia and traveling around Spain/Europe.

Hereby, we present to you Tyler Habig’s sixth and final post entries (excluding Tyler’s Travel Tips). However, if you would like to read more, you can find his full blog, including some of his compositions, here.


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Interview with Josh Stanley

After taking some time off to enjoy the Mediterranean coast, it was about time I had scoped out the music scene here in Europe. And so, mid afternoon in beautiful Valencia, Spain, on January 18th 2017, I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with up and coming singer-songwriter Josh Stanley from Monaco about how he began his music journey, his current endeavors and future plans for success before returning back to Boston for another semester at accredited, Berklee College of Music.

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Justice and Freedom for All*

*Terms may apply

If no one’s going to say it, I guess I’m going to have to be the one to say it.

It’s Black History Month in my country, America.

A time set aside to celebrate the contributions of Black Americans in the United States. 

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트럼프 이민법에 관하여

지난 주말부터 시작된 새로운 이민법에 관해 미국뿐만 아니라 전세계가 시끄럽습니다. 버클리도 Roger Brown 총장님의 이메일부터 시작해 유학생들을 위한 info session 등 여러 방면으로 목소리를 내고 있습니다.

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