R&B and Its Place in Contemporary Music

poonJustin Poon is a fourth semester student at Berklee studying performance and electronic production and design. When not busy being bad at the guitar, Justin is tinkering on a DAW or playing Terran in Starcraft II. He loves jazz, classical and R&B but is most likely listening to a Lil B mixtape.

In 2011, I had just begun listening to hip-hop again after a long period of time being exclusively into jazz and acoustic music. I was listening to the likes of J-Dilla, Foreign Exchange, Lupe Fiasco, and many others, the kind of hip-hop that some would deem “intellectual” or “real.” Over time I had transitioned to what some people refer to as the “popular” and “dumber” kind of hip-hop, after being exposed to two new R&B singers who had changed the way I heard music: Frank Ocean and the Weeknd. Frank Ocean is a member of the Odd Future crew along with notable rappers such as Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats. Tyler the Creator’s prominence had generated buzz for the group’s members and gave it an eager audience. His mixtape nostalgia ; ultra was a collection of Ocean’s originals, covers, and skits, which combined the classic love song format with futuristic elements.

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Defining Sound with SocialEQ

Trevor Cheitlin is a fifth-semester pro music major at Berklee. When he’s Bloggers_Trevor
not writing or singing, he’s pretending to be far cooler than he actually
is. Check him out on 

I had the pleasure of accompanying Panos Panay, the founder of Berklee’s new Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship, to the Boston Music Tech Fest a couple of weeks ago, where he sat down with MIT’s Ken Zolot to discuss the entrepreneurial connection between music and tech (Oh what’s this? A Berklee.edu post on the subject? You don’t say!). They weren’t the only presenters, however, which means I got to learn about many exciting emerging technologies in the music industry. Continue reading

Dave Fiuczynski e Berklee Global Jazz Institute

Vinicius SaVinícius Cavalieri de Sá Coutinho, born in São Paulo on March 8, 1992, is a Brazilian guitarist and composer. 

Nessa semana venho falar sobre dois eventos interessantes que irão ocorrer na Berklee. Como guitarrista e apreciador de música “estranha”, preciso destacar um destes eventos, que é o seguinte: Microtonal Research with Dave Fiuczynski.

Dave é mais conhecido como o guitarrista e líder das bandas Screaming Headless Torsos e KiF. Também é bem conhecido por sua intensa e longa pesquisa sobre música microtonal e elementos musicais do Oriente Médio. Ele se considera um “guitarrista de jazz que não quer tocar apenas jazz”. Seu estilo de música é díficil de descrever, misturando elementos de Rock, Jazz, música microtonal e ritmos que se encontram na música indiana e turca.

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アメリカではアルコールを飲めるようになるのは21歳以上なのですが、お酒を取り扱う店舗の年齢確認が厳しくて、 お酒を扱っているクラブやライブハウス、バーに入る際には必ず顔写真入り公的機関の身分証明書をチェックされます。20歳以下の人はお酒を持って外を歩いているだけでもダメです。留学生にとって一番ポピュラーな公的身分証明書はパスポートですが、パスポートを持ち歩くのは避けたいですよね。 Continue reading

B.B King来麻省演出

又到了一年一度选课的季节,这不但提醒着你期末考试迫在眉睫,并且看到自己还剩多少课还没有学完实在是头疼啊。周末乘着波士顿老得不能再老得小火车跑到离波士顿还是有点距离的地方去看快90岁的B.B King演出。上图一张,其实要不是美国不让随便录像我就把偷偷录得片段放上来了。

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