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보스턴 Converse 스튜디오

저는 Film Scoring과 Contemporary Writing & Production 전공이라 주로 160에 있는 녹음실을 많이 사용합니다. Production Suite이라고 하는 작은 녹음실부터 20여명의 오케스트라가 들어갈 수 있는 스튜디오까지 버클리에는 정말 다양한 녹음실이 있는데요. 사실 학교 밖 스튜디오도 사용해보고 싶었는데 이번에 기회가 되어서 Northend에 있는 Converse 스튜디오에서 녹음을 했습니다!

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Study Abroad Summer Program: part 1

Tyler Habig has been selected to study composition for film and video games at the Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain.  During the 6 week summer program, Habig will take four classes: Introduction to Film Scoring, Introduction to Scoring Technology for Composers, Film Scoring Techniques for Composers, and Video Game Scoring Fundamentals.  Taught by faculty Alfons Conde (The Abandoned [2006] , The Bride [2015]), Vanessa Garde (Exodus: Gods and Kings [2014], The Raven [2012]), Lucio Godoy (The Others [2001]), and Sergio Jimenez (Call of Duty: Black Ops II), the composers will be heavily “immersed in the aesthetic relationship between media and music and narrative analysis. They will also receive an introduction to the technology involved in this industry, such as MIDI/audio sequencing in scoring to picture and maximizing dramatic expression through the use of available software tools.”


Habig intends to use this summer experience as a supplement to last year’s workshop in San Diego, California – the Palomar Film Music Workshop – where he recorded a film scene under the instruction of Larry Groupé (Nothing but the Truth [2008], The Cable Guy [1996]) and Roger Neill (King of The Hill [1997], Mozart in the Jungle [2014]).

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Temporally Friends, Temporarily Strangers

15235520_1439128572763918_6448870009864439842_oA story from an anonymous graduate student telling us their experience of the first instances arriving in a new country, in a different continent far away from home. In a place where they don’t know anyone or speak the language. An honest insight into the first thoughts of starting something new, an incredible life changing experience.


I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

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Discovering Autobiographical Digital Storytelling: My Educational Journey from Princeton Theological Seminary to Berklee Valencia

Jeffrey Cobbold

Photo source: Festival 10 Sentidos

Before entering the Berklee College of Music Valencia campus in Fall 2015 and studying in their Music Production, Technology and Innovation program, I was a seminary student at Princeton Theological Seminary. 

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Journey of Hope @ LOFT

LOFT는 921 Boylston St. 건물 3층 안쪽에 위치한 장소입니다. 국제학생 OPT 미팅, 프로페셔널 프로필 사진 찍는 이벤트 (Photoshoot), 동아리 이벤트 등 다양한 행사를 할 수 있는 LOFT에서 지난 금요일에 Berklee Chrisitan Fellowship이 주최하는 Journey of Hope이라는 후원이벤트에 참석했습니다. 

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