Carreiras na área de Music Education

Vinicius Sa
Vinícius Cavalieri de Sá Coutinho, born in São Paulo on March 8, 1992, is a Brazilian guitarist and composer. 

Hoje venho falar sobre as diferentes possibilidades de trabalho e áreas procuradas por recém-formados pelo major de Music Education na Berklee College Of Music. Este major foca literalmente na área de educação e maneiras didáticas, assim como o próprio nome diz.

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Study Abroad: Let the Final Countdown Begin

HollisHollis Mugford is a sixth semester Professional Music major at Berklee. She is a pop, R&B, and country singer from Virginia. Her passion for writing and travel have inspired her to share her experiences and thoughts with the Berklee community and beyond as she embarks on her first semester abroad in Valencia, Spain. 


image (1)Only 15 more days until Valencia! My apartment is looking sparser and sparser, my packing list is getting longer and longer, and my patience is getting less and less. I just got my student Visa from the Spanish Consulate’s office this week, and pulled my luggage out of storage. What has seemed like an eternity of planning and anticipation now is finally becoming a reality with every passing day. Only a few days since I’ve completed my finals, and just mere weeks away from leaving the country, I find myself asking how to pass the time. How do you bridge the gap between where you are, where you want to be, and where you will be? It’s like the anticipation of waiting to begin a race. You’re stomach cramped with anticipation, just waiting for the whistle to blow, and before you know it you’ve covered yards of distance and you’re crossing the finish line. Continue reading


yoshieYoshie Nakayama, from Tokyo, is a Third semester Contemporary Writing and Production major and trombone principal. She also studies jazz vocals, and a cappella.


今日の記事は、ボストンのハブ駅であるGovernment Center駅と庁舎が改装工事中で、当該駅が2年間利用不可となっていることから事情が変わりつつあるボストンローガン国際空港からのアクセスについてです。


続いて、空港からシルバーラインという電車のような名前のバスを利用して、その後MBTA が運営する’ T ‘ (地下鉄・電車)を2回乗り継ぐ方法があります。 運賃は$2.65、時間にして約40分です。
Tを利用するルートは、Government Center駅を利用するのが主流でしたが、現在overnment Center駅は改装工事による閉鎖中で、乗り継ぎすらできません。

ここで昨年2013年4月にMBTAが始めたシャトルバスLogan Expressの出番となりました。
空港からバークリーがあるBack Bayという地区へのバスは6:00am-10:00pmという時間帯で20分おきに運行していて、運賃は$5ですがMBTAの定期券を持っていれば無料です。(現金は受け付けず、デビッドかクレジットカードでないと支払えないので注意してください。)

バークリー最寄りのLogan Expressのバス停はHynes Convention Centerという、Tの駅名にもなっている大きな展示場です。(同じ名前で展示場、地下鉄の駅名、そしてシャトルバスの停留所の3つを指すので注意してください) そこからバークリーまで大体徒歩3分ほど。

来週からは秋学期のオリエンテーションやテストアウト(バークリーでは授業を受けた学生と同程度の知識があるかどうか見るための筆記試験をテストアウトと言い、この試験でAかBが取れれば当該授業の単位がもらえます。)が始まりますので、何かしらバークリーの様子をみなさんにご紹介できるかと思います。 お楽しみに。


Carreiras na área de EP&D (Electronic Production & Design)

Vinicius Sa
Vinícius Cavalieri de Sá Coutinho, born in São Paulo on March 8, 1992, is a Brazilian guitarist and composer. 

Nesta semana escolhi o major de EP&D para poder pesquisar sobre os diferentes ramos que podem ser tomados após a graduação neste. Descobri que este major abrange inúmeras áreas, e todas elas são muito interessantes e há uma grande procura de recém-formados em cada uma destas áreas.

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Professor Prince Charles Alexander: The State of Black Music in America

PCAPrince Charles Alexander is a musician, recording artist, record producer, audio engineer and educator. He is a professor in the Music Production and Engineering Department at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.

Something happened to black music in America!

In 1979, I hated “Rapper’s Delight”! You could have shut down hip-hop right there for me and called that a novelty record. How dare they steal Nile Rodgers’s hard-earned intellectual property! Besides, I had just put out my first single and that record was taking up my airtime at local radio.

In 1985, while walking down 7th Avenue in Times Square, I saw the Billboard magazine headline, “Walk This Way” Reaches No. 1. I knew then that the handwriting was on the wall, and, sure enough, most of the funk and soul artists got dropped from their record labels within a two-year span. A cheaper, more cost-effective way of making music had proven its economic viability. Continue reading