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Part of the G.A.N.G. at Game Sound Con: Networking in the Video Game Audio Industry

By Adam Kallibjian

G.A.N.G. scholars pose with game audio legend Brian Schmidt.

G.A.N.G. scholars pose with game audio legend Brian Schmidt (center). Adam Kallibjian pictured at right.

I remember as a kid playing Paper Mario on my old Nintendo 64 console and falling in love with games and music. I feel so thankful for the opportunity to now be a part of this incredible industry!

Game Sound Con is THE audio conference for video games and other forms of interactive media. When I found out that I was selected as a G.A.N.G (Game Audio Network Guild) Scholar, I immediately booked my flight and hotel for LA. I was assigned a composer mentor for the conference named Adam Gubman. We met several times over the course of the conference to talk about breaking into the industry, writing for casual and AAA games, and work life balance.

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Words of Wisdom from Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy at Berklee

Fall Out Boy at Berklee; image by Dave Green

During just about every conversation I’ve had with my friends about our angsty teen years, there are common aspects that pop up: MySpace, an affinity for being “random,” and loud pop punk music. So when Berklee announced that Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy would be speaking at the Berklee Performance Center along with a few members of the band’s dedicated touring crew, every student that was in middle school in 2007 was waiting in the pouring rain to get in.

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Finding Opportunity in Spatial Audio

By Yao Wang

Last spring, I was 9 months away from graduating, and the panic of post-graduation uncertainty was becoming unbearable. I was struggling to plan my career and I wanted to do something different. That was when I first got introduced to the world of virtual reality and spatial audio by my friend Jason Parks.

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Becoming A Freelancer

Alumni Profile: Taiga Kunii

Taiga is a recent graduate from the Contemporary Writing and Production department at Berklee. For the first several years he focused on music, however, as time passed he realized he wanted to launch his own company. Aware that he lacked substantial knowledge in business, he became involved with BerkleeICE and was able to take part in several exciting opportunities including a trip to New York City and most importantly, attending the European Innovation Academy (EIA) Portugal 2017. The program which lasts 3 weeks, was meant to mimic the process that an entrepreneur would typically go through when launching their business from customer development and prototype to launch.

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Hitting Career (and Life) Goals: 3 Things I Learned from Composer Mike Patti

Flim composer Mike PattiMike Patti is a wonderful composer who has given back to the community tenfold with this hard work on creating Cinesamples cinematic sample library. Somehow with his free time he also runs Hollywood Scoring. I got the chance to chat with Mike over the summer and discuss how he got involved in samples, how to find a work/life balance, and how to stay patient.

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