Como se preparar para a audição da Berklee

Vinicius Sa
Vinícius Cavalieri de Sá Coutinho, born in São Paulo on March 8, 1992, is
a Brazilian guitarist and composer who is majoring in Film Scoring.


Vinicius works as the Online International Ambassador for Portuguese

language since January, 2014.


Algumas das perguntas que sempre aparecem na página da Berklee e que sempre recebo são: “como é a audição da Berklee? O que cai na audição? Como se preparar?”. São realmente tópicos que são explicados no site da Berklee, porém de maneira bem abrangente, não explicando exatamente como são todas as etapas da audição. Continue reading

Film Scoring/Big Band 프로젝트 녹음하기

1488057_10202967673859454_893676143_n Suhhyun Sarah Kwon is a sixth semester student at Berklee, dual majoring in Film Scoring and Contemporary Writing and Production. 버클리에서 Film Scoring과 Contemporary Writing and Production 복수전공으로 여섯번째 학기를 맞는 권서현입니다. 영어로 발음하기 어려운 이름이라 Sarah라는 이름을 사용하고 있습니다.

벌써 여름학기가 중간 정도 지나가고 있는데요. 저의 전공인 영화 음악과와 실용작곡과는 시험 대신 프로젝트가 많습니다. 저번주 금요일에는 영화음악 프로젝트를 어제인 화요일에는 실용작곡 프로젝트를 녹음했습니다.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying…

…and Love the Bass Guitar

by Eruch Kimball ’03Eruch Kimball

Stepping off stage after a monster set of modal jazz I notice the fans and how they flocked. The sax, keys, and drummer are usually the first to be approached. The singer just as often. I, the bass player, seem to be able to navigate the crowd completely anonymously, not a single person inquiring about my destination. It’s rare to gain great public acclaim as a bass player, that’s just not our role. The lead guitar player? Sure. The trumpet soloist? Absolutely. Bass? Ideally, you only notice it when it’s being played poorly. Otherwise it serves a function in music that is completely supportive. An odd mix of introvert and extrovert that personifies support in the best of ways. I believe that the core elements of music and the instruments that play them have something in common in their organizational and social cultures in relation to other instruments. Said plainly, the musician’s personality can and often does echo their instrument’s emotional role in music.

The role of the bass as a function of music is to support the melody, harmony, and rhythm of a piece. Any instrument performing the “bass role” has a musical duty to both lead and follow the other musical elements to keep them all in concert. The bass has implied harmony and obvious rhythm to its part and it is usually thought of as the second melody. This is a great musical example of the potential dynamics of an individual’s role in a team.

In the first few years of my bass playing I wanted to play fast and use complicated techniques to be really impressive on my instrument. During college I noticed that every other young bass player was trying to do the same thing as me and none of us were getting any gigs! The guys who were getting gigs were simple, solid as a rock, supportive players. They were members of their teams and naturally assumed a type of leadership role that exists somewhere between being fully in charge and just being a silent partner for approval. Thinking about your role in whatever team you’re in, how are you supporting that relationship and how do you keep everyone on track in whatever project you’re working on?

The bass player in a band does a couple of key things that have become stereotypes over the years. They keep the drummer on track. This means the bassist has to agree with the drummer about the tempo and feel of a song and then work to maintain those musical elements. By providing the bass line, the bassist gives the whole band the core harmonic information. The key of the song and the chord progression. This helps the singer identify their pitch and keep soloists on track by giving them a reference to the form of the song.

At the end of the night, after I’ve packed up my bass and I’m ready to head home. I’m happy that I get to continue my role as a supporting musician. I never really wanted to be the stand-out, I’d rather just help everyone be the best they can be. It’s a great way to be in charge without needing credit for it. It’s that great mix between introvert and extrovert and I’ve come to develop respect for the supporting roles over time. I learned to stop worrying. I learned to love the bass guitar. I learned to love being a part of a team. And I’d love to talk to you after my set, but if you don’t want to, that’s fine too.

Eruch Kimball ’03 is an electric bassist, composer, arranger, audio engineer and marketing professional.  Originally a Professional Music major in performance and songwriting, he completed Master Certificates in Film Scoring and Music Business through Berklee Online and is currently competing an MBA in Marketing.  Over his 16 years of music industry experience he has performed and engineered over 3000 concerts for over 2 million people across the U.S. and East Asia.  A military veteran, he served six years of active duty service with the U.S. Army Band.  He owns and operates SynchroMuse LLC, an audio branding and music services company based out of Los Angeles.  He loves to blog about life and food and is developing an online community where these two passions of his intersect called Urban Bento.  You can follow him, his music, and his writing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@urbanbento, @synchromuse)


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祝・ご卒業!曽根麻央さん インタビュー [2]

yoshieYoshie Nakayama, from Tokyo, is a Contemporary Writing and Production major, finished her 5th semester in the Spring 2015. She studies arranging, recording/mixing with ProTools, and singing in vocal ensemble. She graduated Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo with Bachelor of Music from Music Education major, Music Education minor, with a license of teaching music in japanese Junior high/senior high schools.



当方:曽根さんはBerklee Global Jazz Institute(以下、グローバル)でもご活躍されていますが、いつから加入されたのですか。


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Copley 광장 Farmers Market

1488057_10202967673859454_893676143_n Suhhyun Sarah Kwon is a sixth semester student at Berklee, dual majoring in Film Scoring and Contemporary Writing and Production. 버클리에서 Film Scoring과 Contemporary Writing and Production 복수전공으로 여섯번째 학기를 맞는 권서현입니다. 영어로 발음하기 어려운 이름이라 Sarah라는 이름을 사용하고 있습니다.

보스턴의 긴 겨울이 끝난 후, 5월부터 11월까지 Copley 광장에서는 Farmers Market이라는 장이 섭니다.
올해는 5월 12일부터 11월 24일까지 매주 화요일과 금요일에 11시부터 6시까지 엽니다.

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