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Interning at Igloo Music

I can still hear the voices of my professors in my head, “Everything is going to be different in the real world…It’s all about your connections and who you know…You have to be proactive and create opportunities for yourself…” While all those concepts made complete sense while I was still in school, they really started to make sense when the rubber hit the road as I started my internship this summer at Igloo Music.

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Interning at United For Opportunity

Interning in New York City for a record label and management group this summer has been such a valuable experience so far. After studying Music Business Management at Berklee for a while, it’s great to be able to take the curriculum and finally use it in real-life situations. This summer I’m an intern at the record label and artist management group United For Opportunity / Invasion Group.

During my time so far, I’ve sat in on the meetings, worked on social media for the artists, posted tour dates across multiple platforms, and checked out artist that have reached out to possibly be signed. With each task, I get a glimpse into the process of managing and marketing artists, especially the work done in the indie genre using all of the technology available.

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Interning at Tommy Boy Entertainment

To state that living in New York City this summer is an eye opening experience would be an understatement.  Having only been to New York for one brief occurrence before venturing here at the end of May, I had no expectations.  

I anticipated my experience with New York to be positive, but I did not predict falling in love with the city.  The culture, people, and overall variety the metropolis offers are enthusiastically electrifying.  Part of my love for New York comes from my sincere interest in my internship with Tommy Boy Entertainment, a record label that gained notable recognition in the 1990s with the New York hip hop scene from legends such as Afrika Bambaataa, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature.  Every morning, I wake up eager to jumpstart my day and begin my duties as an amateur A&R and mix/mastering engineer for the record label.

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Interning at MuMo Productions

This summer I am interning at Music and Motion (MuMo) Productions in Venice, California. Music and Motion Productions was founded by Berklee alumni Lucas Vidal and Steve Dzialowski. Lucas is a film composer and Steve works on the business end of things. MuMo is a full-service music production company that specializes in film and commercial scoring as well as music supervision and much more. Within Mumo there is also a music library called Chroma, which provides music for film campaigns, advertisements, video games, and TV promos. MuMo and Chroma are housed inside of a three-story building that also hosts a number of other composers and producers. What makes this internship unique is that I have the opportunity to sit in with many of the composers and producers that work in the building.

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Cape of Good Hope viewed from mountain top

Berklee City Music Goes to South Africa

Berklee City Music faculty standing on the coast of the Cape of Good HopeThis past summer, a group of Berklee and City Music faculty traveled to South Africa to conduct school music programs and give a number of performances throughout the country. City Music Boston faculty member and drummer Chris Rivelli, kept a travel journal over the course of the week. Here are a few selections. You can also read the full travel journal.

By Chris Rivelli

Friday, June 9, 2017

After a 22 hour journey, Ron Mahdi, David Alexis and myself, arrived in Cape Town on Thursday night, June 8. We had a chance to get acclimated and sleep in on Friday morning. I couldn’t stay in bed though, and went out for a run. The hotel clerk recommended a trail that was nice for running, and I soon found myself headed up a breath-taking mountain, with a view over Stellenbosch, the winery town, which we are staying in.

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