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Two-Five-One: Eruch Kimball


Eruch Kimball ’03 is an electric bassist, composer, arranger, audio engineer and marketing professional.  Originally a Professional Music major in performance and songwriting, he completed Master Certificates in Film Scoring and Music Business through Berklee Online and is currently competing an MBA in Marketing.  Over his 16 years of music industry experience he has performed and engineered over 3000 concerts for over 2 million people across the U.S. and East Asia.  A military veteran, he served six years of active duty service with the U.S. Army Band.  He owns and operates SynchroMuse LLC, an audio branding and music services company based out of Los Angeles.  He loves to blog about life and food and is developing an online community where these two passions of his intersect called Urban Bento.  You can follow him, his music, and his writing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@urbanbento, @synchromuse)

Name: Eruch Kimball
Major(s): BM in Professional Music; Orchestration for Film and TV (Online), Music Business (Online)
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Current City: Los Angeles, CAEruch Kimball

What has been the most challenging thing about your transition from college to career?

Balancing my artistic, career, and life goals. Basically finding time to practice and develop while also building on my skill set and career path and being able to pay rent and eat well.

How does your degree play a role in your current career path?

My degrees have all been focused on building upon related skill sets to make myself very valuable in a lot of ways. You don’t need a degree to be a great player, but having the theory knowledge, a common musical and professional standard to live up to, and some business acumen can give you the edge above the next guy (or girl) in line for the gig you’re after. The more ways you have to “sell yourself”, performing, arranging, composing, engineering, marketing, automatically you’ll become more connected and increase your chances of success.

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Sharing Music Across Oceans

Iram SelemanIrma Seleman graduated from Berklee on May 2014. Irma transferred to Berklee from the International College of Music in Malaysia, a member of the Berklee International Network. While at Berklee she majored in Contemporary Writing and Production as well as Performance. You can find her performing all over Boston and New York.


IrmaSelemanTrio_Ilmari-Fabritius_4I thought I had seen a lot, learned so much, and met so many people from every part of the world when I came to Boston and Berklee, but I was wrong. These thoughts changed after I was offered an opportunity by Berklee to go to Finland and Russia for a Festival called Close Encounters Festival. The Pop & Jazz Konservatorio organized the festival and it took place in different venues in Helsinki and St. Petersburg, Russia. Continue reading




其实之前刚开始在学校工作的时候就是做的面试助理,每每有考生紧张地问起,等会儿会不会很难?我都会说你只要让他们了解你,展示出你最好的水平就可以了。很多时候你表演的曲子可能并不那么完美,但考官在你身上发现了闪光处。 Continue reading

Laying the Groundwork in LA for 2013 Summer

Post by Jason Camelio, director of international programs.

If you look hard enough, you might see an ever-so-slight difference in the traffic patterns on the LA freeways during the week of SXSW. For alum and program consultant Tom Griesgraber and I, it really did not make a difference as we crisscrossed the city for meetings and scouting locations in preparation for the new Berklee in Los Angeles summer programs to be held this August. You heard correctly “p-r-o-g-r-a-m-S”.  Two to be specific. In what has become standard practice, we have reached out to some key Berklee alumni to help us prepare for two programs with that will have a detailed focus on the craft of songwriting, performance and production.  Continue reading

Following Our Alumni to Hong Kong and Singapore

Post by Jason Camelio, director of international programs.

In recent years, our eyes and ears have been turning to eastern Asia for new sounds, approaches to the business of music and especially to the wealth of young talent that is exploding there.  Berklee has strong partner institutions already located in Korea, Japan and Malaysia.  Building on this success, we are expanding our recruitment, outreach and branding into locations in China, India and Singapore.  One of the most successful ways we have been able to connect with new regions and communities is through our alumni.  In January, chair of contemporary writing and production Matthew Nicholl, assistant director of admissions Pearly Lee and I had the chance to return to Hong Kong and Singapore to meet with our alumni, present clinics and information sessions and conduct auditions and interviews.  Continue reading