Berklee students studying at Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Athens not only get a taste of Greek culture, language, and music but also the chance to hone their craft through plenty of traditional classes that align with the Berklee curriculum. Along with solfege, harmony, and arranging, for example, the students also take private instruction. Da’Rayia Wilson, a fourth semester vocalist from Claymont, Delaware has found a new approach to her instrument through Anna Alexopoulos.

For Wilson, who is majoring in music business management and contemporary writing and production, Alexopoulos has introduced new and imaginative techniques to her vocal training. “She’s really focused on tapping into my inner self and bringing out the best in me,” says Wilson. “She’s working with what I already have and perfecting it.”

De'Rayia Wilson warms up with Nakas professor Anna Alexopoulos.

Da'Rayia Wilson warms up with Nakas professor Anna Alexopoulos.

Alexopoulous’s private instruction is but one example of how Athens has been inspirational to Wilson. “I’ve learned a lot about myself, and about being an American and a student at Berklee,” she says. “I’ve learned to just chill and surrender myself to the art, instead of focusing on being number one.”

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