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It’s not 80 degrees in Boston?

After a day of much needed r&r, I’m back in Boston.  I’ve never heard such a collective groan as I heard on the plane out of Dallas when the pilot announced that the temperature in Boston was 29 degrees…

Anyway,  Berklee’s SXSW party was a huge success!  Brian Grzelak summed it up quite well in his post.  I’ll add that Sarah Sharp, Austin’s alumni chapter head, MC’d the event with aplomb.  She did a really nice job keeping the show on track and introducing the bands.  We had a great crowd flowing throughout the day, and also gave away 200 copies of the new Heavy Rotation Records CD, Dorm Sessions 6 and an online Berkleemusic course.  

Afterwards we (Magen, Brian and I) grabbed a tasty meal at a place called Moonshine that was one of the few restaurants with only a 40 minute wait, and then headed out to more shows. 

I saw the Sonics and Woods at Emo’s before heading to the (way) East side of 6th St. for a non-SXSW show at Ms. Bea’s.  And I thought we had a lot of bands on our party at 9.  That was nothing compared to this show: 23 bands! That’s right, 23, on two side-by-side stages.  Well actually they weren’t stages, one side had a 5 inch platform, and the other side didn’t have a stage at all, so unless you were directly  in front of the band, you couldn’t see anything. 

No matter, I still enjoyed sets by Deradoorian, Pterodactyl, and Marnie Stern (mostly unseen but definitely heard), and then called it a night.  My SXSW was over but not to be forgotten.   Until next time…

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  1. Ha ha, holy kamoley, Margot, I was at the same show! at the same time. In fact, for longer, since I started with Titus Andronicus and stayed well past the end, with a 30-minute gap to run get tacos from El Chilito. Shows how many people were there. You might have seen me, however, from afar: We were sitting on top of a van behind the stage, eating free ice cream and watching Pterodactyl. SXSW perfection.

  2. Margot

    That is funny! Yes, I wasn’t expecting it to be so crowded. I didn’t see you (although I was right near the ‘stage’ during Pterodactyl), but I did see people eating ice cream and was wondering where it came from. I must have missed the ice cream truck…

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