Greg Badolato helps lead student jam session

My name is Shelly, and I am a staff member in the Office of Special Programs at Berklee.  For Berklee in Dublin, I helped coordinate the enrollment and logistics of the program.  I will be posting a few times- to give you an inside perspective on the happenings of Berklee in Dublin.

Last night was the Improvisation Symposium.  Nick will be writing about that later- but I wanted to share with you the impromptu student jam session that took place beforehand.

Classes ended at about 5:00, and between classes ending and the symposium, a group of students congregated in the theatre to play.  Jim Kelly, one of the faculty members, and Greg Badolato, the program director, heard the students playing, and came in to lead the group- much like an ensemble class at Berklee.  Jim Kelly scratched out a lead sheet for the song “Summertime” within a few minutes.  The students took groove instructions from Jim, and were jamming and trading solos for the next hour.  Greg and Jim also played with the students, which was also very cool to hear.

Jacob Veloo from Utah

Jacob Veloo from Utah, photos by student Jit S'ng

The students performing possessed a great energy and passion to learn and play- and as Damien said in a previous post, they come from all over the world.  I hope to be posting some video of their performances soon!  The student singing in this session, Karen, I will be featuring in my next post.  Also, thanks to another student, Jit S’ng who helped me with some of the photos you see posted here.  For more photos from this event, visit the Berklee flickr page.

I’m about to go to see Bill Whelan speak, and sit in on John McGann’s class this afternoon.  Stay tuned!