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2012 Gracenotes Sponsorship Recipients Announced

Monday brings a new team of Berklee faculty and staff to New Orleans. The goal: to build homes with Habitat for Humanity and rebuild the birthplace of jazz.

While other institutions may have suffered “Katrina fatigue” and moved on, Berklee’s 2011 team noted how much New Orleans still needs help. Since the Big Easy has such historical significance to Berklee in light of the rich musical output, we want to offer continued support to bring culture back to the city, as many musicians and residents can only return if they have a place to call home. There’s still a waitlist. And next week, the college’s 6th team will be representing Berklee to build homes and bring the city–and the music–back.

The 2012 Berklee Gracenotes Sponsorship Recipients for Rebuilding the Birthplace of Jazz include:
* Carrie Cheron       Assistant Professor, Voice
* Becky Clawson      Program Assistant for Peer Advising, Peer Advising
* Mike Gamble          Senior Front Line Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
* Craig Hanlan         Senior Accounting Analyst, Berklee Media
* Doug Kohn              Professor, Liberal Arts
* Jane Miller              Associate Professor, Guitar
* Sara Tomassetti   Project Administrator I, Technology Resources
* Kathryn Hencir   Team Leader and Co-chair, Gracenotes Volunteer Committee

The Week Begins

On Monday, we landed in New Orleans.  Some of us have made this journey before, others have not.  While we are all here for a common purpose, each of us will take away something unique in addition to the shared experiences.  In addition to sharing our stories, this blog will help us reflect on what we see, feel, and do.  Continue reading

Introducing 2011 Gracenotes Sponsorship Recipients

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Berklee’s Gracenotes Sponsorship to New Orleans.   Thanks to the generous support of the college, the Gracenotes Volunteer Committee is able to send a group of staff and faculty members to New Orleans to contribute to the rebuilding efforts, which continue even today–six years after floods resulting from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the city.

I am delighted to join my colleague, Leigh McLaren, in leading this year’s team. We leave Boston on Monday, May 9 and will be on-site with  New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity from Tuesday, May 10 through Saturday, May 14.  Over the course of next week, members of the team will post photos and more about our experience.

Recipients of the 2011 Berklee Gracenotes Sponsorship
Gilly Cantor
Corinto Cevallos
Joe Chinni
Michael Heyman
Magen Tracy
Marian Wilson