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Jazz Strings at The Rivers School Conservatory

It’s a strange experience, going from student to teacher.  I wonder if all teachers feel like they still have a lot to learn before they’re “ready” to take on pupils of their own.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be 100% comfortable in this role, but I’m getting used to it pretty quickly.

This past summer I received an email from Paula Zeitlin, Berklee violin alumna and jazz strings instructor at The Rivers School Conservatory in Weston.  She was stepping down from her position at the school, and looking for a replacement.  Someone passed her my name, and that’s how I heard about this beautiful college prep school in the suburbs.  I was thrilled by the prospect of having my very own students – not only string students, but also string students who wanted to study jazz exclusively!  What a gift! Continue reading

Emily Elbert at the ICA Harborwalk Sounds Series

Down again at the sun-sprayed dock of the ICA for another awesome show. This week: Emily Elbert and friends take the stage.
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Do you know what the hottest news is in Berklee’s String Department?

I bet you don’t, so in the next 90 seconds of your life, I’ll show you a group of musicians who are not afraid to step outside of the box – creative string players.

Next time you see a person carrying a string instrument case at Berklee, ask what music they play.  Believe it or not, rock, blues, latin, folk, R&B, country, blugrass, Irish, African, Middle Eastern, Indian and even jazz will be among their answers!  Despite the classical heritage of these instruments, they are able to perform a variety of musical styles at Berklee, without feeling taboo.

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